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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

File: 1423193753639.jpg (112.25 KB, 628x430, jennifer-lawrence-spotlight-.j…)

No. 13753 [Reply]

JL in new VF
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If she didn't want everyone to see her nude pics she shouldn't have taken them in the first place. Bitches want to be like oh they invaded my privacy but if she wouldn't have been a slut and sent nude photos none of this would have happened. Its her fault, not the person she sent the photos to or even the person who leaked the photos, it's HER fault, end of this silly debate on the internet.


Wrong. What anyone does on their phone is their business, and the "fault" lies only with the leaker. And it doesn't make them anything except someone who got hacked for lucky viewers.


Also correct.

Let's just ignore the butthurt JLaw fReAk fanboy kiddie. Obviously he's full of shit and knows it and just trying to defend his aspie awkward hypocrite cunt princess no matter what. He'd fight someone stating 2+2=4 or gravity exists if he thought holding those propositions would hurt the reputation of his goofy slut pig queen bitch goddess. Or he's just trolling for fun.

Whatever the case I'm tired of seeing these hermaphrodite-esque pics bumped to the top.



Also incorrect.

So you're stupid and got nothin. Long as you know it.


I agree. He's just trolling methinks. No one could be so 'tarded to think this literally stupid cunt is not a total hypocrite here.

Outey 5000.

File: 1423535928373.jpg (54.03 KB, 390x604, image.jpg)

No. 13901 [Reply]



Yeah, good luck with that

File: 1423140224667.jpg (159.08 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 13721 [Reply]

Super hot busty slut from Rhode Island! Someones got something I know it!
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Who let the dogs out ?


who is? moar!


File: 1423338142256.jpg (150.14 KB, 830x1106, Charli-XCX-Deep-Cleavage-Nippl…)


File: 1423338294873.jpg (233.89 KB, 1113x1500, jessica-alba-21.jpg)


bump for op chick

File: 1423355219277.jpg (84.66 KB, 445x768, image.jpg)

No. 13822 [Reply]

Let's get a ronda rousey thread going
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like i said in the other thread.. in those smaller pics that are to blurry to make out details, you can tell that the camera definetely got some shots with her pussy in it.. look how low some of them are


Nice rant Forum Hitler.

Pssh: "you're not a mod!" we all whisper


I would love to see all those pictures!


File: 1423515785761.jpg (348.02 KB, 1200x820, X158908_TK1_01079-rawMasterWMs…)

Don't get excited. SI removed her nipples from this picture. FUCKING FAGGOTRY IF I EVER SAW IT.


Here's to hoping the unedited ones get leaked.

File: 1423514526305.jpg (81.12 KB, 1280x720, 1423512654138.jpg)

No. 13892 [Reply]

Saw this today with people saying there another video. Anyone have it?


yes please

File: 1422918805503.jpg (238.92 KB, 607x1599, 1422918207480.jpg)

No. 13549 [Reply]

#fappening @ get in here now!! we need 100 people in the room for taylor swift leaks hurry!!
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Those photos are saved from a photobucket account.. I can't remember the name, but have seen them shared in photobucket groups..


thats not taylor you can even see it from the face

get an eyeexam


So I just saw on msnbc that the hacker contacted an editor from Gawker and sent him a censored Swift nude as proof. Hacker says not only did he get into her AOL, Twitter and Kik accounts, but he managed to make a rip of her full iPhone back-up. He tried to sell six nudes of Taylor to TMZ, but they didn't offer enough money for his liking. So he could absolutely still be lying, but I am becoming convinced he's got her nudes. The problem is he seems pretty unstable and will fuck with people until he gets bored. The longer he drags out releasing them, the higher the chance he'll get busted before we see them.



Now im really calling bullshit. TMZ has made it very clear that anyone that tries to sell them hacked nude photos they contact the police immediately…. so just by even saying they didnt offer enough money, this guy is full of shit


no the writer from gawker specifically said that the hacker pretended to send a link to a "nude", then deleted it before he clicked on it. he showed no proof of icloud. if you read up on these specific hackers they're just kiddie trolls. they're just a gamer griefing club.

File: 1421701032574.jpg (875.51 KB, 936x1349, images.jpg)

No. 12778 [Reply]

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Kate needs work??? You all realize she is playing Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman in the new Fantastic Four right? Just another something I would like to add, there is a huge difference between her doing nude stuff and her sister Rooney. Rooney is a horrible actress and for people to take her seriously she needs to do stuff like that unlike Kate who is an amazing actress.


kate can't act

not very good looking either

she needed work before she got HoC

so she was fine with nudity in HoC in order to get work

just saw over my gf's shoulder HoC the other day. kate got up nude from the bed and her ass was clearly hers, no bd, walking around into the shower

and that was just me happening to catch that one scene


1. No you didn't
2. You fuckin Googled it
3. You don't have a girl you fuckin loser
4. drink bleach


want to eat her pussy with nutella



File: 1423448427804.jpg (351.22 KB, 768x1024, 55711193_17.jpg)

No. 13853 [Reply]

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File: 1423493427537.jpg (1.67 MB, 2448x3264, pc4v0xu.jpg)

I love her1


File: 1423499219787.png (157.65 KB, 550x160, kirstencysig2sig3.png)



Cy, is that you??

File: 1422228758274.jpeg (228.66 KB, 1252x1252, L12QiRs2.jpeg)

No. 13076 [Reply]

Someone needs to be a God among men and put her pics out there. They exist for a fact.
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srsly? the notaceleb troll is back?


File: 1422673875532.jpg (54.3 KB, 800x446, Gotham-TV-2.jpg)

Alfred, why is my peepee sticking up? I've never experienced such a strange feeling before.

Notify my private physician at once for a checkup.



Christ, how many threads are you going to post these illusions of grandeur in?


Check out here where he's literally arguing with himself…




File: 1412170270233.jpeg (240.11 KB, 560x586, carrie-keagan-redeye-04.jpeg)

No. 9765 [Reply]

Does anyone know if there are any nudes or leaks floating. I hope she gets hack because her tits are huge.
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File: 1422195321364.jpg (137.14 KB, 500x503, tumblr_myiv11p5kn1s6t5hzo1_500…)


File: 1422195513963.jpg (59.19 KB, 600x400,…)


I hope you aren't trying to say this is Carrie.


File: 1422946370449.png (237.93 KB, 608x606, Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 1.51…)

She seriously does keep just getting better.


Dear God, her tits are incredible. I wonder if she's any good at sucking penis, those lips look so inviting.


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