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File: 1415670589844.jpg (27.28 KB, 545x518, 1404429785206.jpg)

No. 22038

A Whole Thread Deleted at the Mention of Chatmebabe59? Really?
someone is that butthurt. jesus.

Time for a new thread dedicated to her


File: 1415677059110.jpg (228.31 KB, 1080x886, 1.jpg)

I hope someone was catching her tonight. She was looking great


File: 1415677161068.jpg (274.43 KB, 1080x1182, 2.jpg)


I like this idea a lot. Post more!


I'm looking for this video. Does anyone have it? There was no real win from tonight's show only a couple nipple slips.


I think a lot of us would still love copy of the show if anyone got one



There is a really cool dude on here that Turns upstores into Mega uploads, perhaps we can persuade him to give this thread a go



Chatmebabe69 is on CB, hopefully someone records it




There is a secret site that Celevland fan created and dumped 90% of her videos and pics there, including a few shower videos, and a masturbation video

if i start seeing more involvement uploading videos and photos, i will post the link . but until then……


lol typical dumb ass hoarder who has so called wins when he dont. And why would u want more vids of her when there all on the site that u have lol dumb fuck much.


just post the link you fucking faggot



actually you are the dumb ass, i never said i wanted more videos, i just said i would post the link when i see more people contributing to this thread. so yeah


cant contribute when you dont have anything dick breath. these was never anything good posted to anonib get over yourself and post the fucking link


What would you like to see contributed? Cause I'll upload a vid, but will you post the link?



ya know what, fuck all of you. you cant be civil. your a bunch or freebie wanting trolls. instead of contributing, you talk shit. call me names, etc. so fuck you. I am done. good luck trying to get free pics and videos of Chatmebabe69. only one place has them, and now you will never know. peace


lmfao that just proves you dont have a fucking thing. calling us freebie wanting trolls, ok mr "im not posting anything until others do". 9 tims out of 10 that means you dont have shit. have fun being a cock loving faggot

ps. go back to reddit you queer


OK I created this thread hoping to show Amiee some love. instead all its doing is people posting BS lies, and other people starting drama.

I think I should just delete this thread?

Is it worth keeping it?


>>22385 You talk about contributing but yet you don't contribute shit other than "i have this special link but I won't share unless someone post something first" dude that is fucked up. This is about community if you have something share it, that's it. If you want to get this thread moving why don't you post what you have!!! That will move the thread along. We all know you don't have shit cause if you did, and you were a true anon you would share it for the community.



I Created this Thread you asshole KH, not you. Because its tough to find the shower stuff on CMB69.

knock your shit off. stop pretending your the person who created this thread. asshole


KH? Kellyholic?





damn guys, focus on the girl. I might have some stuff to share if anyone knows any decent free editing software. I think all of us would like to see some new shit on here


>>22403 Lightworks is a pretty good free video editor. It's kinda like Adobe Premier. There is always Windows Movie Maker, that is free and you can DL from Microsoft. You can also DL VSDC Free Video Editor. Personally I use Sony Vegas but it is not free. You could always pirate Sony Vegas.


Damn—i dont understand why any threads containing her become so hostile…..


anyone else notice how once>>22394
called out the KH faggot on being kellyholic they stopped posting here all together luls


They just got hostile, with the jackass saying he had a super secret link, but wouldn't post it until someone posted something. You know typical annon-ib hoarding/hussling bullshit.


Anyone got anything new?



Made over 4000 tokens today, shows nothing and then does a crazy ticket show.


Another shower show about to start, someone start capping



No Ones going to Cap it, cause no one on here is brave enough to waste the tokens it cost to record or cap it. she aint worth two tokens, let alone 500 for crazy ticket


how come everytime i try to visit her page. all i get is a "Access Denied. This room is not available to your region or gender"

yet i am a male and from boston. dont understand


File: 1416439959498.png (3.11 KB, 476x26, cmb.png)




knowing her, it was probably a sponge shaped cat. and not her actual pussy



File: 1416460442714.png (791.82 KB, 990x1332, 1-2.png)



any of her in the actual shower?


Can we get some of her bate or shower wins? she got about 20k+ tokens just to do a ticketshow ( still didnt show much), i know someone has a bate win.


any Bate wins… cmon guys.. we know you have some..


Nice. Anyone got anything else?


She is on now go record. I would, but I'm heading out.


anyone read her new rules. lol



lack of interest in this thread. or the cowards that go into her room, record her shows, and bate in silence


^white knight


File: 1417029157014.png (910.98 KB, 979x689, Untitled2.png)

She's still pulling in crazy numbers. #1 and not a hint of nudity or teasing.


That's called connections kid, and she's clearly got em. You fuckers forget that these sites are run by people. Shit, she might even have ties to anonib. Which would explain why the constant mention despite the lack of nudity. I mean she is very attractive, but considering all the other women on here that do get fully nude and so much more, I find it surprising none of you have caught on, which stands to reason at least one of you are either her or someone she knows.



Cleveland guy welcome back to Anon. it's been awhile. Mr White Knight. Funny how the entire time you were CMB69's White Knight Mod. you were coming in here posting shit about her. heck you even alerted her to other people talking crap about her. if you didnt know about Anon. how did you know where to find comments made about her. your trash dude. two faced. came in here posted videos, pics and rants on her . then went back and reported it to her. acting like you were savior. for shame dude . for shame


Any update on anything new from her? Wish I could find those shower shows


So much fighting, not enough titties. Anyone got anything new?


wheres a good place to upload files over 300mb


Mega maybe??? Sounds intriguing… Share a screen in the meantime??


File: 1417666349879.jpg (470.39 KB, 1247x1003, shower.jpg)




use Megaupload. or upload it to and leave a link to the video here. I will download it and upload it elsewere


Motherless is another good place to upload it. hardly anything of hers gets taken down




its old and not really worth it

she gets drilled from behind almost fully clothed. you see the side of her ass, no visible penetration, just her squeeling, her dog barking, and her saying "noooo staahhhpp we gotta toin da camera off nooooo"


Now there's an awesome and unexpected sight to have woken up to….bravo to that guy or gal for posting.

*sits anxiously waiting for the video*


>>24345 Props to you! I really really hope this gets posted. Can't' wait :-)


wow quiet


Eagerly awaiting the video


Damn, bro. Nice going. Snap a vid by any chance?


https://mega(dot)co(dot)nz/ #!fMhmhJqQ!SN0o7gNyXEJERKEsH2ECYm33t4SOyj49snrSvjiktL0


got failed no file




That was hot as fuck….a massive thankyou to the uploader.

You sir are a magnificent bastard!!!


never mind just had to switch browsers


doesnt load for me added the . and nothing


what browser did you ues


chrome then firefox


it's not working im just getting a blank screen can someone get a link that works or put it on motherless


There is a space before the #… Delete it. Thanks for sharing, uploader!


could someone PLZ upload this to rg or http ://ul. to/?

Also, what exactly does the video show? her pussy lips?


File: 1417865650127.png (1.76 MB, 1250x970, vlcsnap-2014-12-06-11h30m12s17…)


File: 1417865822465.png (1.66 MB, 1250x970, vlcsnap-2014-12-06-11h31m46s97…)



because she doesnt fully shave. it looks very dark down there. like the entrance to HELL, lol


If that's what Hell looks like, I don't want to go to Heaven



Anybody else with broken sound in VLC for this?

The sound works fine when played with WMP and streamed through my 360 but it seems completely borked in VLC.


In the beginning of the video the audio is broken cause the OP had the video on mute. After that he fixes it.


No, it was completely broken throughout.

I've since tried it on my main PC and it plays fine in VLC, so it's just some weird bug on my laptop.


well seems I mised the sweet VIDEO as I hs been taken down. I have been looking all over for anything half as good as to what is here and this is far the best of her. Anyone want to help a brother out and repost the vid back on to mega or just change the name and put it on moterless. That would make my fucking year


thank you sir, the gods will shine down on you today….

Hey by the way there was talk of a masturbation video of her> I think it's BS, It took this long for the shower? have you ever seen this vid before. Also is this thread dead and another open or is it dead altogether. Sorry for all the questions but just in-case this one gets shut down.


I wouldnt call it a masturbation video, it was actually a shower or bath show she did, where afterwards she rubbed the outside of her panties and pinched her nipples

and no this thread is not dead. just it doesnt get a lot of attention, because a lot of people dont really like her, consider her a rip off, and her Mods did a good job of turning people off to her. Her old mod Cleveland guy pretended to be her white knight, while coming on here, talking shit about her, posting videos and pictures and reporting them back to her. picking certain people in her chat . she would then ban that person . and made Cleveland guy look like a stud. however it came back to bite him in the ass, when he accidently revealed himself on another thread


any guy that names himself whiteknight is going to be a douche. I have a feeling one of these people on here was her or still is her. ohh well I hope she does a good final show before she leaves chaurbate for good,, like they all do eventually.



Do you have this vid?

I don't think it's been posted before.


Her channel looks like is blocked for me but yesterday it was fine.


Her account is gone.


her channel and account is gone from CB



No it hasn't


404 for her room and channel. It's 100% GONE. if it was blocked the message would be different.

she is gone from CB, I used 2 other computers to re check


File: 1418130940636.png (99.03 KB, 1259x685, Untitled2.png)

As of 2 minutes ago….

Seems there's must be a problem on your end.


she's blocked her room to members.

not worth it anymore. That dude's previous comment about it being blocked was true.

even if you aren't logged in, you still can't cap anything because it has a popup asking you to register


I logged out and she's got it blocked.

I got a access denied due to region and/or gender, so she's basically just threw away most of her viewers and she's now officially a bitch that's not even worth it.


I doubt she's quit.

An easy 20000+ tokens each time she does a show. She's not gonna give that up just because a handful of people have now seen her pussy.


Though if you all think she's quit, there's now no need to hoard the bate video anymore….so post away!


here, here I second that

but i would guess she came across this board and got scared. A Simple google search brings it up, not much of a good hide and seek But really, so what is the real difference to her if it got recorded, She is on a fapin site. Guys just want to fap again to it over and over, lol Should be a complement in a weird fucked up way . The only difference is she's not getting paid for it. So fuck it. I would much rather love to see her naked live but if not this is a good runner up, right.


time to post away bate wins.


Told ya she could't keep away.


she is online now.


someone might want to cap her current show or record it. She has a few toys she is going to use after the shower, while on her bed.




I don't catch any of the live shows anymore anyone get it or see it



Its still in progress. Patience


Lmao!! she racked up over 12k in tokens in just matter of minutes…. She knows what she's doing!!!



Though the tickets were 1000 a pop, so the chances are unfortunately probably slim.


Did she use the toys?


The tickets started @ 500 a pop then when the show started it jumped to 1000 a pop and people were still joining. She surely made bank!!! I don't remember her saying anything about toys. @ 1000 a ticket I lost interest.


Something new?


welllll, Anyone see anything new on her. She is very hot but I am afraid the shower is as far is she is going to go for nudity, no fap show I doubt, ever UNLESS ALCOHOL is involved some weekend…lol



Well you were wrong about the fap show. Her last show was an awesome hitachi/orgasm/pussy show, though it was an expensive one at 800/1500 tokens.

Hopefully someone capped it and feels generous enough to release it.



are you implying that one could not Fap to her Hitachi show. seriously though, she is getting more bold, she used to not show anything, now she is masturbating on cam. thats a plus





File: 1420641061774.png (356.31 KB, 641x481, Hitachi.png)



I've seen a couple of her shower shows–she's not as shy as you guys are portraying her to be


Well most people on here have to make do with just her public shows, where despite her showing on many an occasion in the past, she's still reluctant to show anything.


And there was that guy a while back who was constantly saying all her shows were scams and she showed nothing.


She was probably reluctant because of that turd!



she was reluctant, because she had two mods who were scaming her, Clevelandguy, and KellyHolic. both were recording her shows, and taking screen grabs, posting them in here, and then went back to her, and made up stories how some of the guys in her room were doing it. and they were her "white knight" so she trusted them. and banned guys just at the advice of the mods. when half of who she banned were innocent. a few months ago, Clevelandguy outted himself on here. and basically admitted to everything. i think she has since banned him as well, if not. she may want to


File: 1420670756974.jpg (362.92 KB, 1214x902, am69.jpg)

you have to admit though, chick is fucking smokin


Anyone got these hitachi vids?


she has that good karma thing going on. Either she knows how to wok the system very very well or it's really just all her, which is super fucking hottttttttt please please someone post the vid, you cant tell me the people popin up big tipps for shows just want to see it just that once. lol


and if you do have the vid and you still want that white knight feeling just post it for a day then take it down after, help the brothers out man



you will have a better chance at seeing santa claus my friend



LOL well if I find that fat fuckers wife then, I'm have a bang with her. gettin my presents somehow


cough cough she is on now, please record and post


File: 1421276916586.png (3.2 KB, 266x72, Damn.png)


nEVER GOING TO HAPen BUDDY. THe moneybagers dont like to share there Videos they spend the big bucks on lol ANd if they do post it, some Fuck on here will take it and post it on pornhub or some bullshit site like that and fuck it all up for us all. Never fails



Well some kind soul shared one of her previous shower shows, so there's always hope.

On another note, the toys are currently out in her current show.



Lets get these other vids!


Waiting and hoping


File: 1421974294458.png (320.49 KB, 799x599, CMB3.png)


File: 1421974294461.png (320.49 KB, 799x599, CMB3.png)


File: 1421974449782.png (320.49 KB, 799x599, CMB3.png)



great now post the vid



There is no video (well there is, but nothing happens in it), that came from one of her public shows and that's about as steamy as it got.




File: 1422360171081.png (1 MB, 1214x683, CMB.png)


Would love to see the hitachi or any crazyticket show that might have been recorded :-) bump


Would love to see the hitachi or any crazyticket show that might have been recorded :-) bump


she's online now,and it looks like she's doing a public show,PLZ SOMEONE RECORD


CrazyTicket. please, someone rec this show :(



Record what, she didn't show anything.


At 700 tokens a pop, I highly doubt anybody's gonna do it.


that show ind the bathtub was 600 and someone do. i cant buy token, my card was recused. (sorry for my bad english, this is not my mother language)


File: 1422489059839.png (1.71 KB, 419x24, CMB2.png)


File: 1422492504389.png (1.59 KB, 398x23, CMB3.png)


the issue is nobody is brave enough to post a video, most people who pay that (and yes there are a lot of them who record it, but keep it to themselves) they are afraid of backlash from Amie.

Wish they would stop being such a pussy and post. however they have no balls. Amie holds them


Maybe the guy who posted the shower show will come through for us again ;)


Very simple resolution. You pay $70 for a show. Record It. Post it.


Very simple resolution. You pay $70 for a show. Record It. Post it.



as much as i would love to see Amie naked and having an Orgasm, I can think of several other things i can use that $70 for


Well I say FUCK HER, HER time is over, Yes she was hot for a time but her time is up, there is better nude fish in the sea on there. Check out staciesweet, she is still innocent like amie was before she turned into a sad lonely money whore. And to all the fuckers That pay the big bucks to see the sad shows then record them to hide in there closet later and wack it while there fat ass wives are fucking other men instead of posting it here. FUCK you. YOU NOT SPECIAL because you got to see her naked, your a douche, she would laugh in your sad face if she ever met you in person, so don't fool yourself. You could go to a half way decent titty bar and get some real titties in your face for the same price. Go on her twitter page she is lonely, (LOL) because she doesn't get enuf attention in real life so she goes on there for you fools to treat her like a queen, JUST FUCKING SAD

AND by the way I am 100% sure that she reads this board too, its not real hard to find. thanks google:)


Too much gums and needs to lose 10 lbs off of that gut


awww is someone a bit bitter because he is too cheap or got banned from her room. awwwww


I have no idea what everyone sees in this fat girl..I am not banned from her room..I don't go there if she is on..there are plenty of other girls way hotter than this fat girl…she is not even pretty looking…i have her fucking video when she first started..its so disgusting to see her fuck that i don't even feel like jerking to it..happy hunting to those who like chubby girls.



Jesus Christ your a fucking Idiot. first of all. If you think she is fat. then your probably a 400 lb, piece of shit 50 year old living with his mother and her cats. you really need to shut the fuck up. You would have no idea what to do with her, if you had her. your fucking pethetic. you really are. feel better. you can go back to jacking off to beastiality. because i know people like you, you hide behind your computer because your life sucks. your part of a gene pool that someone pissed in. your angry at life. so do us all a favor, STFU. go troll somewhere else. this thread was created out of respect for Amie, For some of us who cannot afford to tip or pay for crazy tickets. this is for us to enjoy her. and not have losers like you trolling, because your single, home on a friday night. jerking off to gay porn. while someone is actually dating a real woman like Amie. you fucking Neanderthal


File: 1422675156755.png (6.74 KB, 413x86, CMB3.png)

Damn the toys are coming out a lot more often.

Also in what fucking universe is she fat?



that meister is the same person that can be found if we search is nick on google?


which means?


funny how 2 people paid 700 or the tickets yet 3 others paid 1 token and got into the show… favouritism much going on with her



If you search that nick on google, you can found somo photos and profiles on other sites. My question is if anyone know if is the same man?


I maybe fat and manlike beastiality and i may watch gay pron..she is still fat and still be fat..who the fuck are you to defend her…i may not know nothing to do with her ..but i know for sure you will never get a fatter chick like her or any know why…you like fucking your mother while sucking your dad at the same time…fuck you…and go fuck your mom and her saggy boobs..and also btw try to deep throat your dad's cock…maybe they both will like you for giving birth to you cos you will only make them happy by fucking them.


and the award for the most immature, childlike post of the day. goes to you my friend. seriously did you even go to school. was that the best you can come up with. ok do me a favor, go away and come back when you have decent material and a better comeback. heck my 9 year old could come up with something better

face it dude, you talk smack on her, cause your depressed that she wouldnt give you the time of day in her chat


It's really a sad day for humanity to see two blithering idiots fighting over a hooker/stripper.. we get it, WE FUCKING GET THE IDEA! one likes her and the other doesn't..


How about we redirect this conversation back to more vids?


File: 1422983662970.png (648.52 KB, 797x599, CMB3.png)

Right, enough of the bickering, back to admiring the pretty lady


that is fucking hot as hell, is there a video that goes with this?



It's like literally only 8 seconds of boobs from when she ended one of her very early shower shows.

But anyway I'll make sure to upload it once I get home.


File: 1423004931530.jpg (242.71 KB, 1366x768, showercap.jpg)

Ten hours left ←–right click and save as.
Post this all over the net, please. Thanks…. She shouldn't kick paying customers who may or may not have recorded her hidden shows. Fuck she's dumb.



WOW!!!! A massive thankyou for this, she's hot as fuck as usual :)

Do you happen to have any bating vids as well, would love to get a look at those as well if you've got any.



a big welcome to you, and post as many videos as you want


ok so I am the person who created this thread, a former Mod for Miss Amiee aka Chatmebabe69.

While i think she is sexy as hell, she has to learn not to fuck with people. she is incredibly smart, and pretends to be shy. go back and watch the videos that have her texting. she was texting how much she was making in tips.


File: 1423008096093.jpg (254.16 KB, 1366x768, showercap2.jpg)

Bating vids? lol Check with the guy 2 doors down… VV (I wish…)
Glad you like.
Hey Cleve!


Well my 8 seconds vid is kind of redundant now (again, a massive thankyou to the shower show uploader), but I did promise to upload it so here it is.



are there any more b/g shows from her?



still well worth the chance to see the perky pair


haha..the bitch deserves it…lol


Always good to see this mean cunt's tits. thanks. glad you like the shower vid.


11:30 to 13:00 of the video….wow!!!


pls reupp :D


you know what always annoyed the shit out of me, there is a naked girl, masturbating on cam, attempting to have an orgasam, and people come into the room and start a conversation with her, "oh hey Amiee, How's your day" its like seriously are you fucking gay? the chick is trying to have an orgasam, and you want to have a conversation, GTFO


You know what annoys the shit out of me, we've had all this talk of bating/orgasm shows and not a single piece of evidence to back it up


Patience my friend. keep in mind. the more she pisses off her buyers, the more vids will appear


hey dude plz reupload that video…i missed it…


can someone reup the video


Ok lets see if someone bites
I will not only upload the video again, but i will post a photo of Amiee that nobody has seen before that she sent me via snapchat. ONLY if someone posts one of her Hitachi Videos


The vid is around, but as far i have seen she only teases and show boobs. haven't seen any win on here yet



do not click that link, its a VIRUS. I have contacted Support to have him and the virus removed



I personally didn't get a virus from it, but it's only a link to an old vid on momless (the one which the cap in the OP is from) which has been posted many times before.

So probably don't click on it just to be sure and just go straight to momless if you really want to see the vid


Can someone please re-up? Thank you.


Ok, I'm OP and reposting. I'm including both shower vids one mine, one not and the "StaaaHP! Sex vid" Anyone having any such hitachi vid can just drop the file into the room with my vids… ;)
(I have very good reason to believe that a hitachi masturbation vid probably does exist, as I was watching the chat that was going on during the hidden cam ticket show and she surely showed the goods to some degree. A lot of ooh-ijng and ahh-ing was happening in the chat. The video is hidden but the viewers are still in the same chatroom as the "blind" people.)
Vid uploaded 80% wait for it….



Good work again

In regards to the hitachi/masturbation stuff. Going by the chat she's cum at least 3 times in her crazyticket shows and there's been at least another 5 times where there's been some kind of masturbation that happens. So somebody's bound to have something, we've just got to hope there's other kind souls who share rather than hoard.


File: 1423184804448.png (646.41 KB, 1280x790, CMB1.png)

Also I have a new wallpaper thanks to the vid


Thank you based OP!


File: 1423236756105.png (504.11 KB, 795x597, CMB.png)


File: 1423341808178.png (476.02 KB, 799x594, CMB.png)



post the bath video here


hey the CB Vids are gone


hey the CB Vids are gone


hey the CB Vids are gone


hey the CB Vids are gone




where was it reposted




File: 1423505060670.jpg (118.1 KB, 490x366, Chatmebabe39.jpg)


once again the vids are gone from the volafile


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