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No. 2160

Sandra k went to moanalua was wondering where she went.


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She said there people who have wins of her so where they at?






Don't doubt it. She's a slut when drunk



Last I saw her, I was a senior and she was a freshman. We were out at night in a park with her sister Cheryl who was a junior at the time. It was me, them two, and four other guys I never met before and we all got super drunk and stoned before Sandra started rubbing this guy's thigh next to her. Cheryl got all jealous that everyone was looking at Sandra and started making out with me. I saw what was going on, so I ignored her and kept focusing on Sandra which made Cheryl even more jealous and before I knew it, the seven of us were all fucking on the floor of the bathroom stall at the park.


For the first few minutes, it was two guys on Sandra and just me with Cheryl. Sandra was bent over sucking off this guy sitting on the toilet while getting fucked in the pussy by this other guy. I was sitting on the floor outside their stall (there were no doors) getting head from Cheryl. I vaguely remember the two other guys still fully dressed recording with their phones, but idk if it actually happened or if I was just being paranoid.


I don't remember much of what happened, but eventally all seven of us were naked and fucking around in a big group on the floor. We all just kept fucking Sandra and Cheryl in every one of their holes and going back and forth between the two. I don't remember the other guys cumming and I don't remember pulling out and I don't remember whose pussy I came in. All I remember was when I was done, I looked back and the three other guys were just sitting against the wall, chilling and we all high fived each other. They started cheering the last guy who was getting his dick sucked by both the sisters. I'm talking like, really loud sucking. There was drool and cum flying everywhere. He pulled out and came all over their faces and we all laughed. The two girls looked all proud and happy with themselves, but then the guys started calling them dirty sluts and I could see them immediately regretting what happened.

Looking back, it was gross and disgusting, but holy fucking shit were we stoned and drunk and horny as hell. So much fun too. 10/10 would totally do again.


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