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No. 16559

who wants this


I Have NEVER seen a dick THAT small in EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM in my LIFE! That thing is like LITERALLY 4 inches long and skinny as FUCK. Thats fucked up. Why would you even post that. Have you ever been laughed at? like Seriously have you ever whiopped your cock out to fuck some bitch and just been laughed at?
LIKE DO YOU REALLY THINK som echick is gonna see that and be like OMFG that fucking tiny thing is SO NICE i wanna come SLIP IT BETWEEN MY 2 FRONT FUCKING TEETH. NOOOOOO especially not on a site THAT HAS NO GIRLS ON IT ANYWAY YOU FUCKING RETARD. OR ARE YOU A FUCKING FAG?


Seriously dude, if a bic lighter makes your dick look small you should be showing it off


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