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Anyone here kept up with most of the pregnant women that post updates with belly shots and stuff on YouTube over the years? I came across this compilation video of pregnant women lifting their shirts to show their bellies the other day and really find the girl at 0:25 especially hot. I was hoping one of you might be able to point me to the original video where that snippet was taken from. It'd be hugely appreciated.

I really like the way that she doesn't just lift her shirt only enough to show her belly, but that she lifts it more so that we can appreciate her shapely breasts as well. She was clearly aware of how sexy she was. But yeah, I hope to find her other videos, if any. Please help!


dude, you are right. I bet those titties are awesome


Similar, but with less baby bump at 2:47


Right on, it is quite similar, and quite nice. Thanks. I guess if anyone else knows of a similar vid, post it. The exact woman I originally mentioned would be ideal, ofc.


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