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Anon-IB has moved to - this is a read-only backup.

File: 1422555135972.jpg (40.72 KB, 480x640, V__4C8F.jpg)

No. 3238 [Reply]

i have my friend's iphone 4s. she upgraded to a new phone and just left it laying around, so i took it. turns out someone else tried to get into it and the phone is disabled except for emergencies. anything i can do to get into it? high potential for win!
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File: 1422827521332.jpg (118.61 KB, 769x960, n.jpg)

bumping for confirmation on the iPhoto thing or any other way of getting win.

i will, of course, share anything i find


bumping for help. high potential for win and i will definitely share. can anyone confirm iPhoto or suggest another way?


Go ahead, nothing will explode.


exploding isn't what i'm concerned about. i would just rather not make this excursion without a near-guarantee that it will work.


There are no guarantees, a lot of this stuff is trial and error. The solution that got suggested is one of the safest options you'll ever find on this forum. Don't forget to bring a USB stick that works on Apple to drag to photo's unto. (format in FAT32)

File: 1423152030394.jpg (46.88 KB, 469x700, 020209-portraits01-big.jpg)

No. 3658 [Reply]

Ripping for the next 5-7 hours. Send me account Id and Pass and will rip. I will send you any wins and be discrete about it.



I keep forgetting to add this but its Hit me up! Ripping now! No queues yet!

File: 1421476784204.jpg (61.42 KB, 679x438, apple-icloud-hacked.jpg)

No. 2574 [Reply]

All these guys aren't telling you they can get every message, every nude they sent, evey video taked, every screenshot so email me at with an email and a password and I will give you whatever you want
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Can't sleep so I'll rip
watching the road to el dorado this time :D


I am up for ripping again :)
and willing to trade if you have the best amatuer couple vids :D That is all I am looking for haha
(Uploading youtube videos while I do this) XD


how much details do you need to rip?


do u think u can rip from an incomplete backup?


ripping and trading now :)

File: 1423125678399.png (32.67 KB, 800x800, T1SmxxfJeZiBP3j6zygQzA-keepsaf…)

No. 3644 [Reply]

Anyone have any luck decrypting keepsafe (.ksd) files with an iPhone and can walk me through the steps?


I also need to know this and willing to trade loads of sets for the knowledge

File: 1423101054972.png (258.96 KB, 360x480, download.png)

No. 3631 [Reply]

I have had good luck getting passwords with the following info:

Phone Number
Facebook Link

Send me the following and I'll see what I can do, hot chicks only please.
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File: 1423116478459.jpg (184.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7262.JPG)

hey guys, Im getting a lot of requests so only replying to the ones that im succesful with.

ALSO do not both messaging me if you dont have all 3 of the things I've asked for above, they are all necessary for this method.





This guy sounds eerily similar to the guy who could get passwords with friends name fb link and email. Do not trust. Writes himself fake vouches


yeah, I have emailed him and no reply. Same with the previous guy who asked for friend's name


He's full of shit… lol.

File: 1423125320938.jpg (293.34 KB, 960x1280, IMG_3576.JPG)

No. 3642 [Reply]

Hey guys, been lurking here for a little bit. It seems to me that the majority of the demand on this board is for rips to be done, given that the client already knows the icloud account and password. I'm assuming these people either a) don't want to put in the time/effort to figure out how to do it themselves or b) haven't figured out a way to do it without purchasing $70 software.

For the case of the b) people, I'll help you out (because I wish somebody had when I was figuring it out). The software I use is iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery, version 2.0.1 (I'm not sure on whether it will work on others) TRIAL VERSION. It uses a loophole in the software. It does NOT REQUIRE PURCHASING.

Enter the credentials, download the backup. You can do this with the free trial, however it will only show you thumbnails of the backup and won't let you recover the files without purchasing the full software. I've already tried going into the downloaded program files, but they are all encrypted and I have yet to figure out if it's possible to extract them (if anyone has any info regarding this I'd love to hear). Once the backup is downloaded and you can peruse the preview, click Recover. It'll tell you that you need to register.

Registration code: AE89A211961A930A140C704486584D2A

Enter the info above. It'll tell you that you have registered! However, the next thing it will tell you (this is what it does for me) that your registration has surpassed its use, or whatever. Close this dialog. Next it will ask you for new login credentials. Close this dialog too. You'll find that the recovery dialog is still open, allowing you to fully save the backup.

Hope this works for you guys, let me know if it does or doesn't.

File: 1423112795345.jpg (8.25 KB, 241x209, image.jpg)

No. 3636 [Reply]

Email me email and password.
Have prob done about 10 successful rips with win in the past and am free for the next couple hours

File: 1423103970478.jpg (97.94 KB, 640x640, 10693461_329643353876747_94219…)

No. 3633 [Reply]

need a whatsapp win.
bitch is cheating on a friend of mine. already got the back up.
wich files do you pro's need.
email me at proetus1993athot(tt) asap


email me the stuff ill hook ya up ,

File: 1423093653341.jpg (4.8 KB, 241x209, index.jpg)

No. 3626 [Reply]

never thought id come back to this nonsense but im free for the night

use to have a really good rep on here before everything was taken down. my posts/bumps never contain girls because i dont share what you send. 100% private


the thing with all this stuff on here, is you need the username and password to get it ripped…. the password is the hard part to get.

File: 1423097145835.jpg (3.73 KB, 99x129, images.jpg)

No. 3628 [Reply]

Will rip i clouds for you email me the credentials 100% private, quick turn around


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