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No. 2596

Can anyone find any pics from this photo bucket?



I don't think any of these guys are really able to rip anything.


The mobile uploads is not private. as for the rest it seems very old. myspace old.
scanning 1-100 and
brought up some stuff. Nothing worth looking any further tho.

Google did give me this Ashton Chastain's (achastain03) Library. 939 photos and 1 videos.i foud the video but it doesn't load for me. It's in the main album and its called 0729090212.flv
I did a little fusking, got up to CIMG0000 in my list before PB did its usual lock out routine. So far 000-100 has been a few hits, i'd try that with this [000-100]-[1-5].jpg and see what pops up. some chicks just keep adding -1-2-3 ect on the main format. at least now we know there is over 900 pics in there. Good luck.
there is one called 72a2432b, which makes me think this isn't going to be an easy fusk.


In these cases its easier to just find out her birthday and email address and take the account through pb's "i no longer have acess to the email i signed up with" thing.


How did you find that information using Google? I can only see 31 images


any wins?




can anyone deliver some wins?


Its all about how you search. the 31 pictures you see are in the public sub album. but google still stores old infor from times before their current fomat. You just need to learn the basics of google search using quotation marks, finding names searching tht. finding posts of individual pictures and fusking the formats with javascript fuskers can get you alot of win. her regular library has 939 photos and 1 video in it. but her image upload formats aren't sequential numbers so [000-100] or [-100] wont yeild you many wins. Since PB hasn't been used too much since myspace dissoved they are starting to clear thier servers. (archiving and deleting old stagnent accounts) They recognize not all people who once used thier service still has thier original emails and passwords so they put a system in place to make it easy to recover an account with little to no info. Most accounts were made before any info was really needed to make an account so as long as you know the name (which shows up on google) and the country, the account is yours for the taking. To get a more recent account you need to know the following…
Name of account you want
name used on the account (shows up on google if there is one)
email used to sign up

normally older accounts didn't need birthday or name, as long as you get the email, country and the bucket name right, you can take the account and change the email/password to whatever you want.

Words of advice
use a yahoo, hotmail or aol account. gmail and others dont work to send the verification for pw change. because they weren't popular when the site was relevant.

the days of pbrip are long gone, taking the account and brief fusking stints are all we really have now.



try this thread, op


bump for new wins


bump for new wins




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