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If you need to get a person's Yahoo password for iCloud, I made a phishing site. Just get them to use it (send them a fake email/text from Yahoo with the link) and I'll post the credentials here, or if you don't want them public, email me their email after you send them to the site:

The phishing site is here :) enjoy it's gotten me a few wins or SPAM LINK :( /1KE84uR

(it's optimized for mobile, that way they're likely to overlook that the url is different)


thanks :) sent you an email, got her to use it


Have had 2 legit hits, I've send passwords to the people who requested them. Also have had a few logins as 'hi' or blank. It's still working, so send your targets there ;)


whats your email i got one but isnt working


i got one but what email am i supposed to send it too!???


Sorry, try

Tell me their email and i'll tell you the password


Guys, you have to get them to log in to yourself. Use bitly or something. A lot of you are just sending me email addresses, I don't have time to get them to go to the site, that's up to you :) email me AFTER you get them to use the site and login, then I'll have the ingo


Any tips for putting together and sending the "fake email"? I assume most people will ignore them or just junk them.


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