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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

File: 1423212413236.png (1.24 MB, 1197x942, filth.png)

No. 2974 [Reply]

(about laundry basket)

Would agree, but it's his girlfriends place and her friend and mother coming over visiting her.
A sudden dump of dirty laundry will be emptied sooner than later.
Girlfriend gives shit why not put it into the machine immediately or she empties it right after you installed
the cam and left the house or the next morning.

Area to focus is the shelf and especially that dark area around the victorian bathtub. It's a bathrooms filthy area.

I already come to my conclusion.

Both locations I propose are, in my view, excellent.
Dark, oversee the complete room (except the shower), nowhere you would usually put your hands
unless you'd perform a scene clean, lot's of space to hide additional reserve power,

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Don't have camera yet, chinese shipping is chinese shipping lol. Can get to practicing and working out the kinks then


You couldn't flush the fucking toilet before taking the picture??


If it's yellow then it's mellow If it's Brown Flush it down !

File: 1423225554014.jpg (307.1 KB, 581x778, image.jpg)

No. 2976 [Reply]

hi guys,

I recovered the computer today of a very sexy friend.
I will (of course) recover all the videos, photos and password.
can you recommend a software to have access to the web cam remotely?

(pics related)


DarkComet, PoisonIvy… just search for RAT

File: 1423181301438.jpg (38.92 KB, 430x614, triple.jpg)

No. 2967 [Reply]

Hey anons.

So, someone brought me her windows 8 asus tablet today, needs a new screen/digitizer put in. Ill have the device for a few days.

I use DC stubs all the time.. will they work on this device? I'd love to rat it. Has a front and back camera.. could be plenty of win from this.

File: 1422906724165.jpg (1.42 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_3781.JPG)

No. 2831 [Reply]

Hier ein paar Sachen von mir von Knäckebrot

u l . t o/d00ni3yc
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how do you extract them




The links are legit, it is the girl in the pic, you can tell by the tits and hair.

All the videos are 720p and are definitely not upscaled.

There's 1 cam video of her being fucked but it's really screwed up.

Worth it just for the pale skin and tits.


She's on cam at ch@turb8(dot)com/knaeckebrot


She's on cam at ch@turb8/knaeckebrot

File: 1423002256561.jpg (47.59 KB, 717x479, backstreetboys_006[1].jpg)

No. 2888 [Reply]

front road girls, back street boys. Oh that's a good one Bobby B!

I'm in the market for a camera. I seen on websites a bunch of shitty made carkey ones, but having a set of keys in the bathroom is quite fishy….. There is an accessible vent above the shower, but I don't like the angle. There are towels that I can fit something in between, but then it needs to be a wire or a rod like camera with the lens in the top…. I could go crazy and leave my dirty laundry on the ground with old iPhone recording through pocket and hope she doesn't move it.

There are so many different ways to do this. But I want gold! Here are two ways I can go about doing this.

Wake up before her and set up a camera before she showers. or while she showers, plant camera in room then remove it after she leaves to work.

And for shits and giggles, what are some other cameras y'all recommend ? During the summer I can get nice win in bedrooms that are the designated changing areas for the pool we have so I guess having a nice hidden cam wouldn't hurt.

Unlike majority of people here, money isn't an issue. Please help a nigga out


If money isnt a concern I really like this thing - SPAM LINK :( /1z95FSb

If sold in the US it doesnt record sound unfortunately but otherwise works great. Depending on angle you can either have it directly plugged into the wall outlet or on an extension cord. It looks so close to a real ac adapter and even if you look carefully you cant really tell its not.


What's the site called? Tried googling "/1z95FSb" and got nothing

File: 1421397047037.jpg (61.42 KB, 480x640, DSC00072.JPG)

No. 2532 [Reply]

I got my hands on an iphone4 that came from a tiny hot 19 year old's iphone4 I need to know how to access the data WITHOUT THE PASS-CODE PLEASE HELP !!
The pic is from an old thumb drive i found
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do you smoke Crack or are you a fucking Retard
Did you not read. "THE PIC IS FROM A THUMB DRIVE I FOUND" ← DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND " THIS IS NOT THE SAME GIRL" do i need to draw you a picture …. Never mind that will confuse you even more


Plug the iPhone into a computer via the usb cable, and look at the files


File: 1422971854424.jpg (135.08 KB, 1024x768, just_woke_up_by_shaayn-d8cquux…)

A similar situation a co-worker of mine uses my laptop to charge her iPhone.
While she wasn't paying attention I took a peek and found nudes.
So I have the following questions:

1. If I copy will she find out? I mean will the phone will notify if x files have been copied?

2. how to copy in bulk? I mean since it's using MTP I think? copying folders is not possible and I have to copy each file manually.
Is there a way to bypass that?


1. No

2. try holding strg while clicking on the files to mark them and then copy.



Download all the pics on her phone, that way is she says anything you can blame it on your computer's "auto sync" or some bullshit like that

File: 1421701102507.jpg (472 KB, 720x1280, vlcsnap6h11m09s161.jpg)

No. 2615 [Reply]

http ://ul. to/ m9dxravg
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That was posted a year ago but without the Clips.I think its not staged.


more of her?


more of her?


Anyone have the other Clip



I have VLC, it just says "The format of 'file:///C:/Users/****/Desktop/Shower.mp4' cannot be detected. Have a look at the log for details."


File: 1405128903162.jpg (5.08 KB, 168x127, 18728720-camera-question-mark-…)

No. 494 [Reply]

My wife's cute younger sister and her teen daughter are coming to visit next weekend and they'll be spending two nights. They'll both certainly be taking showers while here and I'd love to get them naked on tape, but I don't have a lot of options on hiding the camera as our bathroom is small and there aren't many good places to conceal it. I've considered hollowing out a bottle of my shampoo and putting a camera in there as they're unlikely to touch it while in the shower, but I have no idea if that would work. I've also looking into purchasing one of those hidden cameras that look like a toothbrush or something, but they're way too expensive and my wife might intercept it if it's delivered while I'm not home. If you've had success filming someone I'd love to hear some advice on what you think I should do. And of course if I'm successful I'll share the win here!
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just keep them to yourself..


guys is there a way of hacking android phone remotely in case I know gmail pass? (and every other possible pass…unfortunately this hasnt bring any nude results yet)


OP, add me on yahoo msngr pantycleaner





File: 1401404247022.jpg (17.38 KB, 1022x456, Pokeball3.jpg)

No. 183 [Reply]

Anyone got a tomvoyeur account who can post the new rat videos? theres some that ive never seen before on the first page of rat section
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Thank you!


Bump for Mord good clips.


Any chance of grabbing the shower vent videos. Especially the pee ones.


Thanks heaps


Any chance of grabbing the shower vent videos. Especially the pee ones.


Thanks heaps


Why on earth would you want the ones taken from the vent? Those are boring as fuck, can't see shit from that angle.

File: 1422922673149.jpg (38.23 KB, 640x360, wc2_012.jpg)

No. 2845 [Reply]

does anyone have this vid?


oh, heck ya!! I hope its not another censored face either!!!

Does anyone know why they do that, or where the uncensored vids of those are?




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