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File: 1401536454953.jpg (502.83 KB, 2373x947, nvnytvg.jpg)

No. 255

Any wins on Maddie H.? Really gets around so I was thinking it's out there, does anyone happen to have the wins of Brandi P. to repost ITT? Also whats the name of that girl that just shit out twins and gets around MASSIVELY shes always at the shelton civ

Any wins of Liz Gr__m, Andrea B_ggs, Jackie Brun_r, Victoria/Amber B_ck also? I'll contribute wins of my own whenever I think of more, Molly M. and Charlotte pics on main tower.

>OP is Maddie H


File: 1401536588673.jpg (60.9 KB, 670x960, 406154_290878021011407_1384768…)

whoopsie didnt mean to triple post, I'm intending this to be the OP thread.


mason county u say? who has Malory or Crystal D? Bridget?


File: 1401886184464.jpg (33.45 KB, 640x480, 013010950210.jpg)

Never got any of her, she would never go for it surprisingly. But I'm the one that usually posts the Shelton girls. Like the Brandi pics are all mine, I have over 30. The Charlotte pics were also mine. I talked to one kid on here that got them from the time I posted them on /b/.

To be honest all my win is fairly personal so I probably won't be posting many pictures unless other people contribute as I hate being the one to always provide and I don't know the exact legality behind posting them. They were given to me so I'm assuming it's my property to do with what I please but the last thing I want is any trouble…

And the girl that had twins? I have no idea but if you get more specific I could have one of her but without a name who knows, all the girls around here are poppin out kids. Most girls I ask to send me pictures do it… I don't know why but they do… so If you have anything get at me.


what bout Carrieanne B.?


File: 1407218486667.jpg (29.9 KB, 405x720, 10441344_10201385530760282_300…)

Anyone have Molly M wins? Other than the stuff that was on her photobucket.


Would you be kind enough to bump with those photobucket pics?


File: 1411623864298.jpg (794.98 KB, 2056x1535, photo 1.JPG)

The photobucket is still open just google "mollywhore".

I'll be generous since I've been having a very very good week in the win department. J Bru_er as requested by OP.


File: 1411623940563.jpg (604.6 KB, 2056x1535, photo 2.JPG)



File: 1411624107536.jpg (568.23 KB, 1535x2056, photo 3.JPG)

last one. anyone else have anything worth while?


File: 1412344745215.jpeg (319.76 KB, 630x549, downloadfile-1.jpeg)

Posted Brandi in other thread. Heres some OC, April B. No wins… yet.

Hmu todstevens846 yahoo


File: 1412344830535.jpeg (343.59 KB, 556x659, downloadfile-2.jpeg)



File: 1412344931821.jpeg (311 KB, 663x467, downloadfile-6.jpeg)

I also have some thurston co girls but that isnt for this thread. :D


File: 1412345034299.jpeg (432.89 KB, 960x630, downloadfile-3.jpeg)

Jackie has bigger tits than i expected. Did you fuck her or just get pics?


File: 1412345162175.jpeg (425.09 KB, 1090x494, downloadfile.jpeg)

I would give left nut to get a win of her… But i will settle for leilani and charlotte. Hmu email though and i will send more private pics i have.


File: 1412354819155.jpg (50.2 KB, 720x960, m2.jpg)

I'll shoot you an email here in a bit. Got a busy morning. And didn't fuck her but she wanted too. I wasn't really into it. I'm attracted to girls with a metal capacity beyond most and she's kind of annoying.

Forgot I had these too, not full win but better than what most people get from her. For constantly trying to sell my meth and trying to bang she's super reluctant on the idea of her nudity being captured forever. These she told me she was sending some dude so he'd wire her cash… sad.


File: 1412354983213.jpg (52.91 KB, 720x960, m1.jpg)


Where are the rest of these Shelton girl threads? This is the only one i have found.


There are two others that are probably buried. I have wins of Shelton chicks along with some new oc, got anything to contribute yourself?


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