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hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper

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Anyone have any videos of this girl. She used to be on YouTube and her name was XXPureExoticBeautyXX. I don't know if she went by any other name.

Her profile on BootyFix: bootyfix(dot)com/video?id=2QdpyAaxIrM.
It seems there are 8 vids of her on there. If anyone has access to BootyFix, please help. Thanks.


I have 4 YouTube vids from her former XXPureExoticBeautyXX account. There vids are NOT the vids found on BootyFix. If someone has those BootyFix ones, please post them. I think this girls vids may also be on BootyShake(dot)tv. The pw is anonib.





I wanna boom boom this booty. More please.


I've wanted this girls vids for a while now. Anyone have those BootyFix vids.


bump that booty


I have a few of her old videos but i have no clue how to upload them one in black booty shorts one in black panties one in black thong and one in yellow skirt


Get WinRAR or 7-zip. Hold CTRL and click on all the files. Right click on one of the files. Select 'Add to Archive…'. Name the archive whatever you want. Click OK. Wait until archive is done being created. Go to Click 'Browse'. Select the .rar or .7z. Click OK. Click upload. Wait until it's done. Copy link that is give to you. Paste here.


sorry took so long guys didn't think anyone would explain it to me the vids are in there along with some other random ones I had enjoy guys!


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