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File: 1414527113914.jpg (43.65 KB, 400x400, 14 - 1.jpg)

No. 6156

any win from her? shes gon through a lot of channels cause they were flagged but she also has a dailymotion.




I have about 40 of her twerk videos but no win. I heard she sent nudes to people on. kik though and one video she did on her DM was kinda revealing but I wouldn't call it win. Ill try to upload the vids later if nobody has by then my internet is shit right now


cool i hope the kik vids surface soon


I think they were just pics but who knows what's out there


if someone has the kik pics, please post em


bump for kik vids or pics


Internet is still being shitty so I can't upload all her twerk vids right now but I uploaded one of her first DM vids that was taken down. Probably one of her best vids.



wow thanks. upload the rest please


please upload moar!


>>6164 Didn't know she'd made so many vids. She had a previous yt channel called Lera Hoffman that got deleted. I have 5 vids from that channel that I will upload, if they're not included in the 40 or so that you have.


Yeah I have videos from her from about 4 different channels, comes up to about 330MB. You can upload what you have for now because I might not be able to get this up for a little. Not sure how long but I will upload them when I can


thanks already




isn't she underaged


can anyone reup this? I seem to have made it late to teh party :p


there's only been 1 vid uploaded so far and it's still there…just add a . before com


i added the . it took me a few tries, it kept saying the file was removed but just now it finally showed up. thanks XD


can someone reup the vid please? zippy says the file is expired.


bump for those win vids


File: 1415125338388.jpg (86.69 KB, 720x960, unnamed.jpg)

bump! so is anyone gonna upload anythin? she sexy as hell




post more pics from wherever you got those while we wait?


File: 1415130581948.png (629.12 KB, 640x1136, Photo Nov 04, 2 38 38 PM.png)

not exactly epic win but heres a vid. i traded for this one and he said she sent him this personally. so that guy from that swagbooty thread who has win pics n stuff please share with us anons http://www38.


only pic she sent me via kik :/ i just want to see these pics/vids that has every1 hyped



OP here. In due time gentleman. It'll come, gotta time these things right or we'll ruin everything


I'm the one who posted the first vid I still haven't had a chance to upload her twerk vids, no win but still some hot videos. I didn't forget about you guys though ill get them up eventually. Haven't been home for awhile and don't have the SD card with me.


.mov's still exist? mind blown. nice vid, though, thanks :)


everything shared here so far, plus everything currently on her YT and DM, for those late to the party




lol please just one vid?? bless us with that win


someone smarter than me go find her VK profile, but don't post it here, just post the pics :)


no wins there, just some selfies with sandniggers


i'll take any pics, thank you :)


hope we get somethin tonight, been lookin forward to some win from her.


I'm having some trouble uploading these videos. I keep getting IO errors when trying to upload to zippyshare. That first video i uploaded for you guys was small and uploaded no problem but when i try to upload these bigger zips i always get the IO error sometime during the upload. Anybody know what i can do to get these up because im kinda new to this. The first zip file is 187MB and the Second is 196MB and I have pretty shitty internet. Is there another spot i can upload these too or a way I can send the zips to someone easily so they can upload? Sorry for the wall of text I probably sound stupid but im trying to get these videos up to you guys and im stuck.


File: 1415162151810.jpg (80.81 KB, 579x577, Valeria 2.jpg)


try mirrorcreator


Alright thanks


So I uploaded one of the zips to mirrorcreator and now i cant find the link anywhere. Can someone help or do I have to re upload again. I have no idea wtf im doing. It said the link would appear after the upload but it never did.


thats weird, either upload them to solidfiles or u can just send the files to my email and i can upload them. its kauaiyomi204@gmail


you should've waited a bit since links don't appear immediately


ok i have offered some pretty good win these past days with the nya lynn and that recent valeria vid. but once that guy uploads his win of valeria I will upload my entire collection of pvt vids which consists of many xebo chicks including mariah brand, raven stone, lola, amd cici mack :)


Fuck I should have waited. I'm attempting to upload them again they've been resetting a lot during upload (Shitty internet I guess) Sorry for being a retard its my first time uploading. If this doesn't work ill try sending them to someones email that can upload them i guess.


I'm not the guy uploading win btw just a bunch of her twerk vids


I don't think he has win. Did he say he had win?… well, here's to hoping! What about that first video upload to zippysh in this thread?


upload them one by one if you have shitty internet


Lol, Okay so i'll comment about this once more. I'm the guy with the win… a lot of it. I'm not posting until AFTER we're done communicating and/or she gets bored of posting vids and delivering, which may be awhile. But I will deliver. I also posted the Toni Tyler vids and private pics. Just be patient guys, anon has a tendency to ruin things by either being heros, or being bullies (aka: blackmailing and doxing girls) You'll get the goods in due time, but in the meantime go for it yourself, the worst she can do is say no


thank you wise anon


With all due respect, that's not a very valid argument. I mean, what's to stop someone now from telling her about this board and the guy who has her 'win'? If someone here wanted to ruin it, they could have easily done so by now. Do want you want though, just my two cents.


I don't even really care about the win…I just want those twerk vids. =(


yea u have a point about someone just tellin her about the board which would ruin everything >>6604
well with the toni uploads u said u had them for a while, hope u dont wait like months to upload what ya have of valeria though lol :/


i mean like can we at least get a teaser or somethin of whats to come while we wait lol just sayin


Sorry guys. Having knowledge about a board is entirely different than having her being naked in public, someone could be bluffing after all. If she sees her stuff is out there, she's gonna stop immediately. Also why would I jeopardize the situation that I'm in when I'm currently collecting win? She'll know who's sharing. It won't be months, it'll be soon be patient.


File: 1415231942164.jpg (88.74 KB, 461x820, IMG_2277.JPG)

… but this is for the anon that wanted a teaser. This all for now gang.


wow thanks bro! and yea your right we will all be patient i know itll be worth it. cant wait to see what ya have


but email me at kauaiyomi204@gmail she sent ONE as well a while back, would like to see what she sent ya


File: 1415240072525.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, Photo Nov 05, 9 10 24 PM.png)

since that anon posted a teaser i will post a teaser of what i got from her, only got one vid from her though


so fucking hot


hell i'll buy the vids you have of her, this wait is kinda unbearable tbh lol


Whats her kik?



come on bro, you say you have *a lot* of win what will it hurt to post like one video just to hold us over until you upload the entire thing, you say it will be a while when she stops delivering :/


I'd pay myself as well to get some good stuff from her.


Sorry for the wait but i finally got the twerk videos uploaded.

Part 1
mir cr/BKM8LMAB

Part 2
mir cr/BQKARB5I

If anyone else has any videos i don't upload them please.


Shit almost forgot pass is anonib


Goddamn, this girl is perfect from head to toe. Thanks for all of this.


thanks bro, now we gotta wait for this guy with the supposed win to upload, hopefully he does before the end of the week


thanks. here are two missing videos

mir cr/1ZTUIDBQ


thanks again dude, i most of missed that floor twerk one cause i didnt have it >>6634 but dude ill gladly pay for the win u have of her, really want those vids now haha


hope the guy with the win gives us some type of update or even gives us a vid, some of us are even willin to pay for his win. we need that new new


can you post more now?


Everyone shhhhhh, lest we anger the anon and he never shares his win.

And BIG THANKS to the guy who posted the twerk vids, and more thanks to the dude who posted two more.




Sorry bro lol just haven't anticipated this kind of win since that leak of Nya Lynn nude vid a while back, been watching this thread like every hour hoping for that epic win post from anon


Okay guys. Just to let you guys know, it won't be this week or next week. I'm gonna release the win on Thanksgiving. I'll have exams after that and won't have the time to collect more win for weeks. Plus this gives her more time to do her thing before I invariably release the hoard on her. She's still fairly active. Just so you know, the collection will include all of the videos i got from her from her reg youtube channels as well, just to fill any gaps. Cheers


Thanks for the update dude




can you upload a teaser maybe?


idk why the guy wont just upload like a win vid of her i mean from what ive heard from others who have received pvt stuff dont even get anythin anymore because of her bf or whatever gettin jealous. who knows maybe the vids he has was also sent to other guys as well soo i doubt the win he has are *exclusive* to him. i believe hes just torturing us tbh lol


File: 1415543009076.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, Photo Nov 09, 9 12 58 AM.png)

i hav skyped with her a few times and i still contact her on kik, shes likes the attention dudes give her so i dont she'll stop doin vids even if this guy with the major uploads his share of stuff. Ill ipload the pics she sent me, its only two


File: 1415543261258.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, Photo Nov 09, 9 24 04 AM.png)

here yall go


File: 1415543468372.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, Photo Nov 09, 9 23 58 AM.png)

this is last i have of her, i dont have any vids sadly i asked but shes not doing those for the time being cuz her bf problems so i hope this other guy with the vids can contribute somethin


bumping this shit so hard


Please tell me someone has the actual video that those screenshots came from.


He'll any win vid at this point would be awesome >>6604 dude plz just give us somethin




Bump again since this thread is hardly getting anythin!


Impatient fucks need to calm down before you ruin it for everybody


bump bump


yeah everyone needs to calm down. It will be here eventually then we can all fap together and share stories.


bump for anythin




Hope this guy delivers.. Not 100% sure I believe him or not, he hasn't even replied to this thread in a minute. I mean he can't be the only person out there with win vids of her


File: 1415840235647.png (53.2 KB, 240x320, 55.png)

Nope he is not the only one lol




seems like she's less n less active on YouTube now plus she's removing her vids, looks like she might stop making vids soon sooo the guy with the major win can upload his stuff before thanksgiving lol


Still here guys. May deliver before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.


$50 right here right now for all you have on Valeria. Really wanna see those vids bro haha


it's probably unlikely, but what about today?


yea dude, but can we just get a vid or two today? or u can just upload what u have plus some guy said he would upload all his xebo vids once u upload what u have of valeria so its a win win for all.


:/ i've had blue balls for like 3 weeks now because of this. Im not gonna make it to Thanksgiving… you're giving me prostate cancer, please help.


File: 1416000485673.png (120.34 KB, 1276x1755, 23_tfw.png)


this guy knows we want the win and i believe he's messin with us lol i mean damn just give us a few win vids, or sell em to some of us at least. other ppl have uploaded stuff of her including me..


im not asking for much… 1 vid will do. Im extremely backed up right now… I just want one video to release the beast before u share everything u got on Thanksgiving.

Also, to the guy saying he doesnt have win… that pic of her bent over covering her pussy looks like the same exact room to me.


impatient fucks are going to ruin it just wait til thanks giving and stop being so thirsty already


For serial, guys, there's a million other girls to jack it to in the meantime. Patience.


yea but no of em can compare to the upcoming win of her lol. utube has been shit as of late with twerkers. we all just want 1 vid in the meantime to hold us over is all


were not being rude to him though so I doubt it could ruin it. we jus want to see another teaser in video form in the meantime


http://www.bootyfix com/video?id=Y8AnZ-ZAz2s

Anyone catch this? She most of posted it last night and it was deleted.


mir cr/S9VLY3SI
pass: anonib


the vid is nothin special really.. her vids have fallen off since her older channels plus from her latest vid she sayin her bf is gettin jealous so the chances of anyone gettin win from from her are slim to none smh. so yea that dude can upload his win now lol




Can we get another teaser yo…


I said Thanksgiving, impatient fucks are startin to tick me off everytime I check in. Gonna make me just forget about the whole thing.


Some people are being impatient assholes. But some of us aren't, please don't punish us all because some guys are being dicks. ):


whiteknights, if you dont know how they work you shouldnt even be on the internet son. THATS how the impatient ones that keep bumping this up all the time are gonna ruin it for everyone


well considering we HAVE to wait till thanksgiving how can we stop the constant bumps from the impatient. that's whats difficult about this situation


File: 1416182341322.jpg (115.33 KB, 400x400, 56265201.jpg)


lol fair enough. will wait till thanksgiving


by constantly saging this thread


You guys are being short-sighted. It's the twerking that initially attracted you to her. She could produce years of twerk vids (she's actually training to improve - might even be part of a twerk team soon). But for some seconds of unimpressive nudity (which you will grow bored-of after only a few minutes of viewing), you'll end up making her disappear.


Highly doubt it, her bf is pretty much tellin her to stop making vids so I don't think she'll be around long.. Win is win so I'll be on the lookout on thanksgiving


Yeah, I'm sure she'll be with that guy forever….sarcasm, by the way.


yea I noticed… all n all don't really care if she continues or stops, dude said he was gonna give us something thanksgiving so I will be waiting on it. like the other poster said there are many more ladies to fap to if she quits jus sayin


File: 1416505678317.jpg (55.17 KB, 418x558, 20_11_14 - 2.jpg)

damn thanksgiving cant get here soon enough lol, this chick is fine


This video just got deleted from her dailymotion.



was that the full vid or did u cut it short?


I didn't do anything to it. I saw it on my following list and started downloading it. I went for a smoke and when I got back it was already deleted. That's the file it gave me.


yep it was the full video


well then that russian chick needs a lesson in vocabulary… she was not naked.
Thanks for sharing though.


or she did that intentionally to get more views, who knows.


weird. looks to me like she was reaching for her panties as soon as the video cut off. Just seems odd… that and the fact that she usually ALWAYS twerks to music and this vid has no audio.



There is audio. It's just really, really quiet. She must have edited out the ending.


like every time she post a vid like that it immediately gets taken down..bad enough dailymotion is beginning to be like youtube with the flagging bs


Well the last "naked twerk" she did there wasn't any music but idk all her vids usually end abruptly. Hope she makes more though


I don't understand why it got taken down. There was 0 nudity. Probably her jealous ass insecure boyfriend made her take it down.


the sooner this guy uploads win… hopefully before thanksgiving


impatient idiots like u are gonna ruin it for the rest of us, niggas need to stfu already and wait . It's just a few more days FUCK did u not read earlier in the thread


jus got done talkin to her, she wont be doin any vids for 2 weeks cause shes going outta town..


then maybe it's time for the guy to post?


i honestly dont care anymore :/Im backed up, stressed the fuck out, out of weed, and dead broke. So im just gonna go find something else to jerk off to.


lol damn, I've lasted a good while. I can wait a bit longer


damn someone is upset

yea I just saw her post sayin she will be gon for 2 weeks so it is the perfect time for him to upload. and once he does ill upload the 2 nudes vids I have of her :)


day is almost here..


hook a brutha up? :D


lol when the guy posts his win I'll post mine, I don't wanna post mine then he doesn't. We're all just waiting on him, this is the perfect time for him to upload, this thread should be wayyy more active tbh


wait so if he doesnt post his you're not posting yours?
wtf man…


sorry bro but I believe he"ll post. Big slap in the face to all of us who been patiently waiting if he doesn't. took me like 3 weeks to get these vids anyway through all the *maybes* and *not today* she finally sent em. It's all on the guy to bless us with his stash, hopefully he responds


Like I said after he uploads I'll upload my 2 I have. Utube is lame now n she is the only good twerker to come out, so I'm like retiring after this lol. My going away present will be be all my wins so far including xebo, jazmine doe, mialuz2, Danielle rose and others. I'll prolly put them all in a torrent, So yea it's a on him to deliver


are those last two comments from the same person or from both of two people saying theyre gonna post because if both of you are saying im not posting unless the other posts then fuck this im out… gonna just watch some shit pawgtube


Same person yo…


File: 1416810641716.jpg (45.19 KB, 548x720, 543690_503984892973773_8710792…)

do u have screen caps to prove yer claim to those other girls you're saying you'll post?


Yea I'll post em later today


here are the screencaps of the vids I will post when he uploads his valeria win. like I said I got yall, all he has to do is upload his stuff and ill do the same. The Danielle Rose win is just pics, no vids. The valeria screens are in there as well


thanks for the screenshots.
truth be told, the only stuff that i find interesting in there is valeria


yea well its all i got, there are some ppl who might like the others in the zip. guy needs to update us on the situation of his valeria win. can he just be a good sport and upload em today lol


in any case i'm always grateful when someone shares


yea, and in time hopefully today or tomorrow we will all be sharing vids.. plus im going out of town wednesday to spend thanksgiving with fam and wont be back till saturday so it'll be cool if he uploads his stuff so i can get rid of mine before hand..


thanks for the screens, but the win is coming we gotta wait a few more days. Im excited for this valeria win like everyone else :-)


File: 1416874202949.jpg (59.35 KB, 460x786, IMG_2187 copy.JPG)

The wait is over, you're Turkey day delivery has come a few days early :)

I have one condition though. I deliver, and I'm one of the only ones that constantly provides win for this board. If I find out that any of you guys doxxed, harassed, blackmailed or otherwise intimidated this chick, I will NEVER provide win to anon (Youtube) again.

With that said; happy thanksgiving and happy fapping


I'm gonna explode today. Thanks a million for all your work.


yoooooo those mialuz2 vidsssss tho. cant wait to see them up here bro. thanks a lot.


thank youuuuuuuuu


thanks a million times bro!

and yea bro I got you will start uploading some vids now!


ok here is part 1 of the win i promised. there are the two valeria ones in it, mialuz, and cici mack. Part 2 and 3 tomorrow, wifi sucks right now. Oh and one of the valeria wins i added two twerk clips in it but the last clip is the nude one.


Just finished downloading

I love you (no homo)

Thanks so much


dude, thanks but could you upload just valeria videos? i'm not interested in other stuff and solidfiles is too damn slow for me


Fuck off, why should the rest of us suffer becuase you have shitty internet


Calm your tits, cunt. I meant he could upload her videos separately since most of the videos in the archive have been posted on this board already so if fags like you are too lazy to go past the first page then well you must suffer.


well, that was better than expected. thanks a lot kind anon.
what i'm wondering is, how the hell did you get these? did she send them around before she got a boyfriend?


well it seemed from what ive been told by some ppl she was sending them stuff while she had a bf. she just likes the attention from guys she was even askin for dick pics at one point lol. wouldnt be surprised if there is more win out there of her


the ones i uploaded in that file has the valeria win and its all i got from her. Added the other twerkers cause anons requested it so i gave em what they wanted :)


If its not too much to ask can you upload the rest of your win from other twerkers too?


got ya tomorrow morning before i go off out of town


Winpart1_download…..exe may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it.

Is the files clean? I haven't had a pop up like that in ages (since the fappening, and I ignored it and got a virus lol)


Damn. You weren't kidding, this is epic stuff, bravo. This is how it's done guys. How did you get all that??? I feel like you should be compensated for your work, fancy a fifty or something? We need more like this, lately this board is only random reaction pics or gifs. Mods don't care. Can you lend me your service? I've got a couple grills you should definitely treat to whatever you do. Thanks again, excellent work.


You need to click 'Direct Download Link', the other download link is fake. Also, you should never need an .EXE file to watch a video. Automatic red flag.

To the guy who posted it: can you break out the vids of the other people from the rest (specifically Cici Mack)? I'm not interested in win from the other 2 (VP seems the opposite of old).


Big ups to the two win-sharers! Great stuff! If you've got more Cici Mack to share, I can die a happy man. Some Alexia vids would be fantastic, too. She is, without a doubt, the best X E B O chick, IMO. That ass is just phenomenal.


Yeah the Cici M shit is legit (always), thats all I want to ever see anyways



quite possibly the best thing ever posted on here



(no idea if that will work, new to Anon-ib)

But anyways, who ever that poster was, thanks for the tip



If you want to compensate anybody it should be me seeing as the majority of vids he has came from me.


File: 1417012464492.jpg (94.38 KB, 397x295, 1384179200690.jpg)


If only you knew all the vids I have, the only reason I don't post them anymore is because dudes put on their capes and try and save the day or start harassing them and they all know they gave the vids to me.


hook a brutha up thru email on his bday?


Here are some of the vids I have just in case you guys think i'm bullshitting Dblount knows all about me.


oof, got any that arent burnt to a crisp?


Does that mean white or lightskin girls?


Hey guys. Original Thanksgiving day poster here.

Glad you guys enjoyed the win and appreciate the offers of compensation, but it's not necessary. Repay me by posting good shit and not hoarding. Let's get the community back in shape. The other anon that is posting win is exactly how it's done. Thanks for delivering anon.

I got this shit personally, and a lot of it was made on the spot. So don't trust any other anon claiming to have the "original win." For those asking how I did it? Treat a girl with respect, recognize that she enjoys sex just like anyone else, and be cool. That's it. Don't ever beg, don't be an asshole and don't be desperate and you'll be surprised how far you'll get. Respect and confidence goes a long way.

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe.



I wasn't referring to you when I said I had the originals. I respect how you get your wins and the fact that you share like I used to, but the minute dudes see a girl they like naked they lose their shit and damn near start stalking them so I stopped posting wins.



Guys, the "AnonFiles" link isn't working. Says "Problem loading page" as if the site is down.

Anyone got another link?



Just checked, and pretty much every site-service says "anonfiles" is offline.

Re-up anyone?


bump for the re-up




I'll re-up tonight if no one gets to it first.


doing God's work son



Thanks for your help!


Plz soon <3 I will love you forever.


Plz soon, Ill love you forever <3


pass: anonib




Dude you rock the entire world! Thank you so much for sharing! Any way you could post the private ToniTyler win you mentioned you'd share in her thread?

Would seriously make my sad life complete if I got to ooogle at those amazing titties!!!


Can you still upload tge rest of your wins from other girls. Jazmine doe would be epic.




please don't let this die!!!!!


here is to hoping more ppl have win of her besides the two guys who shared their stuff


i heard she had did a thong vid on utube during her older channels back when they were getting suspended constantly. I pretty sure there are more unseen utube vids of her, question is who has all of em.



Josh, you're a fucking legend


File: 1417734174439.jpg (44.67 KB, 418x558, IMG_20141114_173309.jpg)

here are a couple of twerk vids she did like on her fb and vk page. nothing special really jus somethin to add to yall collection.

if she sends u more will u upload those as well :D




this really needs to be first page, she is definitely one of the best since the days of jogagymnast, plus she actually has win out there..


no it shouldnt, it just makes it more likely to get the attention of some white knight faggot that will ruin it for everybody the longer it shows up on the first page


Honestly im not 2 interested in her vids , i think shes totally amazing an truly knows how 2 twerk , just bumpin 2 make a statement


did anyone manage to rip the two vids she uploaded on DM today??


she hasnt uploaded sht in weeks.


she uploads and takes shit down or it flagged constantly…
it couldve been two new vids up today that just arent there anymore, i think thats what anon is asking. Since im not stalking her page 24/7 i have no idea if there was new vids up…. so… yeah. lol


i checked all day lol
she hasnt uploaded anything since two weeks ago.


i checked all day tho.
she hasnt uploaded anything.


She has uploaded two videos on her dailymotion. Problem is, they're deleted already. You can still see the vids in the dailymotion iOS app. They're called "boss ass bitch" and "limbo twerk". You can't watch them tho.


Here's the link for one of the new vids. I tried sites to grab them but no luck. Lets see if someone else will come up with something.


was anyone able to snag the two?


File: 1418231806878.png (114.54 KB, 1022x463, vp.png)

no video file on their servers, post the second link. ios app caches the videos so maybe someone will be able to get them through cache.


one video had one view and the other had 0, i dont think we're ever going to see those two vids


well from the looks of it she closed her yt channel down as well :/


Please tell me you have more for Mialuz. Please id be so greatful.



What he said ^ some MiaLuz would be incredible. btw, Lera just made a new youtube channel.


she made a new one because guys were threatening her for win, way to go. now she'll go for good soon -.-


damn forreal? she told u that? cause if thats true i highly doubt she would just create another channel so soon. She would just leave for good in all honesty


shes trying to do something she likes doing. Why do u think she didnt announce it. and yeah.


thats understandable but anyone can find her really since she goes by like the same name most the time so the ppl begging her for win will just go to her new channel n act a fool.. are you the guy who uploaded the win of her?


Wish this shit had more ebonies, but that mia was totally unexcpected

plz plz plz more!


Pics of her saying that or didn't happen


what is this, preschool?


fuck that crispity-crackly-burnt-ass nigger. more cici or nothing


dude chill with the fuckin racist shit, there are ppl in the world who like 'both' white AND black females. mia and valeria are both slim n sexy




bump for more win


more mialuz vids pla


dude said he would upload part 2 and 3 over a month ago and hasn't smh




here's the mialuz pussy play vid that the hoarder never posted, fuckin faggot. enjoy people


Omg thanks dude. you're awesome. Not to sound greedy, but you got anymore?


blagh, please put a gorilla disclaimer next time for fucks sake


can we plz just post valeria related stuff here, just create a separate thread for mialuz

dude that shit aint called for, its 2015 from stop with the racist shit


>>9742 no sadly I do not have anymore, the dude who had the vid is a faggot and only wants to trade so I got it from someone else who wasnt a hoarder but this was the only vid he had of her. im sure more will get release soon

>>9745 pussy is pussy, you sound like a faggot. dont use racism to cover up your hidden homosexuality

>>9752 why make a new thread when the ppl who wanna see mia are in this thread already. get over it. its not taking anything away from your lil valeria crush. if anything its helping by the bumps its getting


umm maybe because this is a valeria thread and i wouldnt mind having a separate thread for mia thats why.. not trying to start an argument i was just puttin in a suggestion bro


cant do anything these days without being accused of racism. mia needs her own thread, this one is clearly labelled Valeria Peterson.


Protip: calling black people "gorillas" is a pretty good way of being deemed racist. But I agree, this thread has completely lost it's focus.


that guy called her a "nigger" so him being labeled a racist is valid here… derp


Yall sound like females, people are really nitpicking about what belongs on a thread instead of just enjoying a win. Btw a win which everybody on this particular thread was asking for smh


File: 1420596155962.png (462.87 KB, 538x538, 9-18-2014 7-25-22 AM.png)

obvious fags are obvious
Pussy isnt just pussy if its nigger pussy. Only a fag can't tell the difference in pussy.


File: 1420610543769.jpg (18.34 KB, 350x371, nic-cage-ghostriderintervie1.j…)


File: 1420611146733.png (679.99 KB, 1280x715, 12-21-2014 5-40-18 PM.png)



Class A. retard. No idea what's going on, but this guy is a moron, what a fag.


Yay Grav3yardgirl!


outta here 12 year old faggot. Go play call of duty with your sausage fingers


neutral bemp


sooo more win or nawl?


gtfo nigger, go back to worldstarhiphop


Lol, this punk ass bitch.

More Valeria.


bump someone has to have more win of lera


she's back btw


new vid watch?v=j07ifIgBft4


her twerk vids have completely fell off.. just want to see more pvt vids


yeah man, i've noticed she's like.. kinda terrible at twerking


File: 1422973096050.jpg (66.16 KB, 455x607, 15 - 2.jpg)

bump anyone have anymore win of her???


bump.. anything new people


she is looking for a sponsor lol


lol yea i saw that, which hopefully means she has sent more win to ppl so someone has to have somethin


Where do you see this?


yeah where do u see this? i'd sponsor the shit outta her. and share of course.


it was all over her google plus profile somethin bout gettin sponsors and having a portfolio for modeling.. im sure some ppl have hit her up and prolly got some stuff so only time will tell


File: 1423490667913.png (17.19 KB, 328x140, abort.png)

this was on her google plus


i cri evertim D':


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